Why ABTCO™ Vinyl

The Professionals’ Choice

Building professionals everywhere turn to ABTCO™ vinyl siding for outstanding quality, selection and service. Designed to outperform wood, our products last for decades and raise the value of the house with a combination of traditional beauty and cutting-edge efficiency.

Another reason for the popularity of the ABTCO brand is the broad range of our product line . Our set of distinctive collections offers a comforting freedom of choice. ABTCO vinyl siding can please any personal taste, or fit almost any remodeling budget. Whether you’re going for the high end or the low end of our portfolio, KP® Building Products has siding solutions that rival any other competitor.

Meeting Every Need

Dramatic style? Outstanding color? Better price? The choices of horizontal or vertical vinyl siding can be as different and individual as the people who dwell in the home. When you choose your siding, many factors deserve consideration to create a signature look that’s uniquely yours.

One of the most important things you'll need to determine is what level of performance you need from your siding. Some sidings are thicker than others, with greater impact resistance and rigidity. A thicker siding also results in a straighter installed appearance. Typically, thicker sidings with taller profile heights and higher resistances are more expensive than the thinner ones.

When choosing your siding, consider the architectural style of the home. The exposure of the façade. The climate. The dominant colors of your neighborhood. For the best results, lay all the other materials that go into your house exterior – any brick, door, shingle or trim colors – alongside actual samples of your siding color choices. A siding contractor will be able to give complete answers to all of your questions and help with your decision.

Finally, remember that ABTCO® offers one of the industry’s widest selections of siding styles, so we're sure to have a product to meet your every need.

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