The color of your home shouldn’t come as an afterthought. Improve your curb appeal with a color that reflects your personal style while complementing your home’s unique architectural style. With the multitude of vibrant options available in ABTCO® vinyl siding, there’s no need to settle for ordinary.


This year’s color trends reflect the current push towards deep, bold colors. The following colors are predicted to be the most sought after in 2024.


Vibrant blues, earthy greens, and more hues of gray than you thought possible—whether you want to stand out from the others on your street or blend into the background, we have a shade that will work. From bold Cobalt to soft Weathered Wood, these colors truly cover the spectrum of cool.


Sunsets, fall leaves, and sugar cookies. If you’re craving coziness for your home’s exterior, it’s one of these warm tones you’re looking for. With shades like bold Umber and subtle Prairie Wheat, we’re sure to have the hue for you.


Earthy and warm, welcoming and so close to nature, these colors will provide the ideal background for you to dress up or dress down, reflecting your personal style. With a multitude of shades from Pine and Clay to Charcoal and Cabot Brown, we have the neutral for you.


You crave serious curb appeal—something that will earn your home admiring looks from everyone who passes. Whether it’s the extreme dark of Manor or the more subtle vibrancy of Cabot Blue, any of these deeply pigmented tones will make your home the star of your street.


When it comes to choosing a color for your home’s exterior, you’re not so concerned with whether it’s in the cool or warm family of shades—you just know you’ll know it when you see it. Here, we’ve rounded up all of our vibrant color options, so you can see at a glance which is the clear choice for your home.

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