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Our K-Snap® vinyl “K-Style” rainware, our Classic Half- Round, or our U-Snap vinyl series, offers the package that complements and protects your home. KP Building Products Ltd.’ Plastmo Rainware is manufactured under rigorous quality control and testing procedures, meeting and exceeding the most stringent industry and government standards, at all stages of manufacturing.

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K-Snap®’s angular design features heavy duty brackets and a reinforced gutter rim that prevents warping, bowing or sagging.
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Plastmo’s Classic Half Round vinyl rainware exceeds the most stringent industry and government standards at all stages of manufacturing.
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Plastmo’s U-Snap vinyl rainware offers physical properties of durability, scratch resistance, ease-of-installation and very low maintenance.


Not sure of the total gutter length required to finish your home? Use Plastmo’s Gutter Estimator to accurately calculate the products needed to finish your home build or renovation.


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